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Kate Ballard thinks attending a gala on a luxury yacht honoring her old college friend will be the time of her life, but secret cell phone videos, threats to her family's safety, and a hidden sniper force her into a world of deception and lies. Can her faith erase such horror? Though powerless, she relentlessly tries to outsmart her captor and return to the love of her life. Her husband, Tom, refuses to accept his wife's decision to leave and discovers that he must revisit his past. With the help of an unlikely ally, he finds evidence of theft and murder tucked away in an old storage locker. When his investigation starts to uncover the truth, he struggles with whom to believe. Will he trust his heart, or the deception before his eyes? One thing's for sure, nothing can stop him from reuniting his family, not even a force as great as Invisible Surveillance.

Powerless Consent

Invisible Surveillance is back . . . Now the high tech spying technology is spiraling out of the CIA's control. The only one who can stop it is Callie Hunter, along with her CIA fiancé, Jack Oakes. But Jack has a secret that a madman is using to destroy his credibility. This, combined with disappearing data, missing evidence files, and falsified records, halt all their efforts and test their faith to the breaking point. Can Jack redeem himself, or will he lose everything he holds dear? Will he and Callie be able to stem the tide of this espionage destruction? Finding answers won't be easy . . . Not everything is as it seems.

Invisible Surveillance

Three stories, three men, three lives intertwined by chance . . .
War veteran turned detective, Dan Wilson lives a solitary existence until the day he’s thrust into the middle of a life or death situation and finds himself face-to-face with the love he let get away. Will he be able to overcome his regrets and her secrets so they can enjoy the future that should have been?
Rocked by the ravages of war . . .
Afghanistan has ripped everything from Cade Russell. His peace of mind, his happiness, his family. Lost and alone, his marriage in shambles, his world is falling apart around him. What will it take to save the love that had once been his redemption?
Threatening to crumble under the weight of heartbreak . . .
Faced with the ultimate loss, Dr. Travis Rhodes finds his life has ended up nothing more than an empty black hole until a vibrant, vivacious artist brings color back into his world. Can he dig deep enough to love again when shocking revelations threaten to unravel all they’ve found together?
Can they be healed by the redeeming power of love?

Circle of Redemption


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